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Our family was leading a happy and a peaceful life until my husband was detected of an unfortunate sickness. My husband Chanaka Kurukulasuriya who is 36 years old was diagnosed of suffering from “NON ALCHOHOLIC Cirrhosis” by the consultant physician Dr. Anuradha Dassanayake about a month ago and now undergoing medical treatments. The Physician’s advice is that his liver is badly decomposed and a liver transplant is inevitable. As such, we got him registered at the Ragama hospital for a liver transplant under the supervision of Prof. Janaka de Silva and were waiting for a dead liver donor. However, during a recent visit to the clinic, the medical experts recognized a drastic deterioration of the patient’s condition and strongly advised for an urgent liver transplant within a period of one month to save his life. The only available option is to undergo a liver transplant surgery in India at a cost of Rs. 8 million (80,000 US$).

               Chanaka is the third in a family of four brothers. Chanaka has lost his father at the age of 12 years and his house wife mother has taken a great pain to raise the children with numerous financial difficulties. All four brothers have studied at St. Anthony’s College, Kandy. The eldest brother Melvin is presently employed at SriLankan Air Lines after serving 24 years in the Sri Lanka Air Force as a pilot. The second brother Eric has served in the Sri Lanka Army for more than 20 years and at present hold the rank of Major.  Both of these brave siblings have actively participated in the efforts to save our motherland even risking their lives. In that effort, Eric has got injured many a times in the battle field and has sustained a permanent injury to the right hand. The youngest brother Thushan is a planter working with Agalawatta Plantations Company.

            Chanaka had been a bright and active student during the school days and had taken part in many sports and extra-curricular activities. He had captained the school Badminton team and had been a college prefect. After leaving the school he had started his career as a banker and had employed at Seylan bank for 9 years serving at Gampola, Nawalapitiya, Kotiyakumbura,  Warakapola and Head office. He had served in the Union Bank for 4 years as an assistant Manager at the Kandy branch before joining the DFCC Vardhana Bank. At present, he is the branch manager at Gampola. He holds a MBA from Peradeniya University and an Associate membership from the Institute of Bankers. Chanaka also conduct lectures for courses the Institute of Bankers. Chanaka is an active member of the college OBA Kandy branch, Group’93, Badminton Club, Rugby Club and had spent lots of time and energy towards the college.


                I too employed at the Seylan Bank for 13 Years and at present attached to Nawalapitiya branch. We are blessed with a son and a daughter. Son Thineth is a year 3 Student at the St. Anthony’s College and daughter Kenolee is a pre-grader. Chanaka is an exemplary husband and a loving father to our children. He is an active member in the church and indulges in lots of hard work at the Peradeniya parish. We led a peaceful and holy family life until this tragedy struck us. With this untimely sickness of Chanaka, our whole family is in grief and great pain. As Chanaka had never consumed any alcoholics in his life, this sudden liver failure is so unfortunate and had hit all of us as a lightning strike.

             My heart breaks all the time when I see my son pray for Jesus to give his loving “Thatthi” back. Daughter is too small to understand what is happening around but always inquire when “Thatthi” can come to play with her. As a wife and a mother I hold all the pain in my heart without showing my tears to my husband or to my children. I am always beside my husband giving him moral support and strength.

             The cost for the liver transplant is beyond our means although the whole family including three brothers, relatives and friends have united and pooled generous contributions liquidizing all possible assets. Therefore, I humbly beg your help with whatever possible means to save my husband’s life.

For more information please feel free to contact: 0094812384382, 0094253898475, 0094771098020, 0094725163791


Kindly request to channel your generous contributions, to following bank accounts.

Name of the Account holder: C.I.Kurukulasuriya /S.S.Kurukulasuriya (Nee:-S.S.Lamahewa)

      1. Bank name & the address: People’s Bank, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Account number: 057200110013406


      2. Bank name & the address : Bank of Ceylon, Peradeniya, Kandy

            Account number: 58871868148

            SWIFT Cord: BCEYLKLX


Address: No 60A, 1 Uda Eriyagama, Peradeniya ,Kandy, Sri Lanka.

 I truly hope and pray that all of you will give back my dear husband and loving father for my innocent kids.

 May God Bless you all.

 Loving wife,

 Srinika Lamahewa

Note:  Please see the diagnose card and doctors letter below.